About Relevant EquityWorks

When data is stranded, fund managers only get four opportunities a year to see how their funds are performing. Four!

It doesn't have to be that way. Waiting for quarter-end, and enduring long, tedious reconciliations is simply no longer necessary.


Relevant EquityWorks unites key data sets across the organization, allowing everyone to work with the latest information, in real time.

End users streamline their workday with job-specific applications, while management acts on valuable insights found in their dashboards.  Plus, investors get the transparency they want through our secure portal. 

  • Fund Raising raises more money.

  • Investment investigates more deals.

  • Finance administers more funds.

  • Monitoring oversees more portfolio companies and/or properties.

Relevant EquityWorks - Venture Capital SolutionNo matter how complex your organization's infrastructure may seem, Relevant EquityWorks can deliver transparency, streamline workflows, and unlock valuable insights.

  • Investor Relations delivers transparent letters & quarterly reports to our LP Portal.

  • Everyone accesses contact details from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

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