Relevant Application

Relevant Application

Fund Administration


Cruise through your workday with the perfect fund administration tool


Use the Fund Administration application to handle all the chores needed to maintain your fund.

Start by modeling your fund structure - whether its a single entity or multi-tiered - Relevant has never met a fund structure we couldn't capture. Continue by adding closings and investor commitments. Finally, record historical transactions which are seamlessly allocated to your fund's capital accounts.

Plus, an available Accounting System Interface can share allocations with most general ledgers.


Relevant Fund Administration Application Relevant EquityWorks Platform
Fund Administration application on its own Within the Relevant EquityWorks platform



  • Create capital call & distributions, then email directly or post to your Investor/LP Portal
  • Model fund structures
  • Manage capital accounts
  • Perform common waterfall calculations, and
  • Generate industry-standard quarterly reports

Plus, a wide variety of wizards handle frequent tasks such as:

  • Setting-up funds
  • Closings
  • Mail merges
  • Revaluations, and
  • Handling transfers of interest between LPs.


The Fund Administration application can also sit within the more robust Relevant EquityWorks platforms, which drive efficiency and scalability throughout your firm.


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