Relevant Application

Relevant Application

Fund Raising & Investor Relations


Motor through your fund raising campaigns, while handling inquiries with ease


With our Fund Raising & Investor Relations application you can reach-out to hundreds of prospective LPs, as well as, manage the dozens of conversations that lead to fund commitments.  From there, sharing confidential docs with our Investor/LP Portal is a breeze. Leverage the new Relevant Mobile app to access investor profiles wherever, whenever.


Relevant Fund Raising & Investor Relations Application Relevant EquityWorks Platform
Fund Raising & Investor Relations application on its own Within the Relevant EquityWorks platform



  • Identify target Investors
  • Reach-out with introductory emails
  • Record conversations and next steps
  • Monitor progress on your Fund Raising Scoreboard
  • Handle inquiries post closing


The Investor Management application can also sit within the more robust Relevant EquityWorks platforms, which drive efficiency and scalability throughout your firm.


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