Invest, build, exit your deals. Repeat.


Your investment teams shouldn’t feel left out. We have applications for them too!


Deal Management Application

The Deal Management application records due diligence on incoming investment opportunities.


Relevant EquityWorks - Deal Management Application
Manage your pipeline with the Deal Management application


Start by logging your opportunity, related contacts and third party representatives. Continue adding as much or as little due diligence as you like. Handling high volumes of deals? Use the Quick Entry screen to slam in just the fields you're responsible for.


Rapidly access your deals throughout the week with our handy dashboard. At investment meetings, use the Deal Pipeline screen to rapidly review and accept or reject deals.

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Relevant EquityWorks platform


Portfolio Management Application

Use the Portfolio Management application to manage every aspect of your holdings.


Relevant EquityWorks - Portfolio Management Application
Oversee your assets with the Portfolio Management application


From the moment you invest, through quarterly revaluations of your securities, to final exit and common waterfall allocations, we've got you covered. So you've got more complex waterfalls, check-out our Waterfall Obligations add-in.

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Relevant EquityWorks platform


Monitoring Portal

The Monitoring Portal allows your portfolio companies and properties to seamlessly upload their financials and KPIs directly into your Relevant EquityWorks platform. 


Relevant EquityWorks - Monitoring Portal
Let portfolio companies and properties upload their financials & KPIs into the Relevant EquityWorks platform with the Monitoring Portal


Start by creating the line items required by all your holdings (think Revenues, Net Income, EBITDA, etc.). If needed, add collections of line items for specialized assets (like Online Marketplaces that need to track subscriptions, inventory turnover, etc.).


Once you send login credentials, your investments can upload planned and actual financials and KPIs every month-, quarter- or year-end. These numbers can then be used in your executive dashboards and portfolio company/property profile reports.

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Relevant EquityWorks platform


Relevant Mobile Webapp

The Relevant Mobile app lets your "road warriors" access their Relevant EquityWorks data from everyday phones, tablets and browsers.


Relevant Mobile
Acess data on the go with the Relevant Mobile app


Need a contact, address or phone number for that hot prospective deal? No worries, you can access all of your critical data right from Relevant Mobile.


CRM/Contact Management Application

Unlike many commercial CRM solutions, our CRM/Contact Management application was specifically designed for professionals at private funds.


In fact, it is seamlessly integrated into all of the apps on the Relevant EquityWorks platform.


Relevant EquityWorks - CRM/Contact Management Application
All Relevant EquityWorks apps are seamlessly integrated with the CRM/Contact Management application


Use CRM/Contact Management to track your companies, contacts, interactions (like meetings, emails, calls and other events). Create mailing lists, then send out an email blasts for every occasion (e.g., holiday greetings, newsletters, announcements).

Looking for Microsoft Outlook integration? We've got you covered. You can share emails, contacts, reminders and tasks.

See where it fits in the
Relevant EquityWorks platform


Looking to save even more time? Check-out a Relevant EquityWorks platform to drive efficiency throughout your entire firm.